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Trident Tobacco

Noticing a disconnect between the Big Tobacco companies and some of the markets they serve, we realized there is a significant gap where we could add immense value. Initially an informal collaboration among seven cigarette industry professionals, Trident Tobacco was officially founded in 2014.

Each member of our senior management team has been in the business since the early 2000’s. We have combined industry experience of over one hundred years, giving us the broad perspective necessary to understand trends as well as in depth expertise to translate our insights into successful projects. Moreover, each board member has an ownership stake in the company, ensuring a personal touch and instilling trust when dealing with our partners.

Cigartte Production

We deliver value to our partners by utilizing our hybrid production model and our core strengths of:

 Agility  The ability to respond to our partners needs quickly and easily due to our production capacity deployment strategy.

 Innovation  By drawing on our expertise we offer unique solutions to overcome constraints by introducing new methods, ideas, or products.

 Strategic Alliance  Ensuring the alignment of our partnerships for the mutual benefit of all stakeholders enables us to implement our strategies transparently and effectively.

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