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Trident Tobacco

Our main business is the manufacture, trade, and distribution of cigarettes in multiple variants. The cigarettes Trident Tobacco sold in 2023 constituted (approximately):

 65%   Own brands that we supply to our partners and their markets

 20%   Contract manufacturing for our partner brands

 15%   Trade business (Buy/Sell; including spot and long-term contracts)


Aware that existing global cigarette production capacity far outstrips demand, we have taken the strategic decision not to own or operate our manufacturing plants. Instead, TTI sources all raw materials and we either buyout available excess capacity or invest in our own making/packing equipment that we install at partner factories to operate on our behalf and under our supervision.

This tried-and-tested hybrid model enables us to add value to our partners through cost savings, flexible production capacity, and destination market proximity. As of 2024, we produce at 4 plants in 4 countries and have standby agreements with 5 more plants, which gives us the option to immediately double our output capacity when needed.

Our cigarettes come in many variants and we usually need to customize blends and health warnings for target markets. For any inquiries, please contact us.

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