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Trident Tobacco

A natural extension of our core business, our complementary activities leverage our expertise and relations with existing supply partners to serve our customers, primarily those we have assisted in factory setup. The combined value of these business segments contributes approximately 15-20% to TTI’s annual revenue.

Trident Tobacco sources the highest quality materials from global supply partners, whom we also utilize for our own cigarette production. Our other lines of business are:

Cigarette Production Non Tobacco Materials NTM


Cut-rag Tobacco: supply cut-rag tobacco.

Off-the-shelf: supply of existing tobacco blends.

Blend Development: develop cut-rag blends according to partner requirements.


Filter-rods: supply of acetate tow filter rods in multiple sizes and variants.

Papers: supply of cigarette and tipping papers.

BOPP Films: supply of clear and printed wrapping / overwrapping films.

Aluminum Foil: supply of printed and plain aluminum foils.

Printed Materials: supply and design of printed packing materials.


Making Lines: supply / renovation / modification of cigarette making lines.

Packing Lines: supply / renovation / modification of cigarette packing lines.

Spares and Components: supply of consumable and specialized machine parts.

All of the above are all customized solutions that require close collaboration with partners. If you have any inquiries, please contact us.

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